• Vision

    At Dev Technoskills, we have made it our mission to add phenomenal value to every project we undertake. We consider ourselves as a partner rather than a vendor to our clients. With this frame of mind, we motivate our engineering, operations, and sales team to put in their best efforts and exercise client empathy at all times.

  • Mission

    Our vision is to be the best partner across India in engineering and project management services to the widest clientele base. We continue to gain invaluable experience in providing high quality services at affordable rates, so that our clients can extract maximum value from their exclusive projects.

  • About Us

    Dev TechnoSkills is a known name in the field of architectural & structural engineering, electrical, HVAC & equipment services. For the past 30 years we have been providing servicing excellence in various sectors including formulation, API, bulk drugs, chemicals & food industry. Large multinationals in these sectors rely on us to provide superior quality product components.

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