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Statutory Approval drawing
Architectural working drawing
Civil & Structural Design & drawing
Road & Drainage Drawing
Tender Specifications for architectural, civil & structural work with BOQ
3D Architectural façade/ perspective view

Ventilation, Air conditioning system design
Heat Load calculations & Design basis
Zoning, Air pressure/ leakage diagrams
Air Flow diagrams
Specifications of HAVC equipment and BOQ
Ducting layout

Load List
Single Line Diagram
Specification for electrical HT/ LT items and BOQ
Drawing for statutory approval
Layout for switchyard & Substation
Layout for power, lighting & earthing
Lightening protection system
Installation Tender

Design of treatment scheme of liquid effluent, solid effluent & gaseous emission.
Scrubbing/ absorption/ Adsorption system designs
Fire protection system design
Ventilation system
HAZOP studies
Risk Analysis studies

Prepare specification and tender for Installation
Prepare layout of fire hydrant, monitor system and sprinkler system
Prepare piping plan for underground piping
Prepare specification for pumps, jockey pumps, panels, etc.
Prepare specification for fire extinguishers and detection system

At DTS, we believe that even if designs are done in time, procurement is done in time, construction is one area which is affected by environmental conditions, unskilled and skilled labors, non favorable weather conditions. Construction timelines are always squeezed and the same shall be done in safe manner. We support our customers by providing skilled construction managers/ engineers to ensure timely and safely completion of construction, of course while following safety norms.

Construction related safety management
Construction planning & Monitoring the progress of work at site
Resource planning for contractor and monitoring of the same
Quality checks of raw material used and construction
Contractor’s bill certification
Giving clarifications on the design drawings
Co-ordination with home office for design clarifications
Solve site related problems

We support our customers from finalizing the vendor list till equipment reaches site for installation. For every project to get completed in time, it is important that all the material is procured and delivered in time to site. At DTS we consider this as our moral responsibility even if it is not written in the contract. Also, from our data bank, we guide our clients to procure items at a reasonable cost. This has earned us good name and repeat customers.

Obtain Vendor Drawing & Approval
Expediting deliveries till item reaches site.
Stage-wise & Final inspection of equipment
Dispatch clearance & Bill certification
Maintain Material Procurement Status chart